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Temple of Brighid Priestess Training

Temple of Brighid Priestess Training

In Irish Mythology, Brighid is the daughter of An Dagda, the great Father God of the Tuatha De Danaan and the Goddess Boann of the sacred River Boyne. Some say she is daughter of the Goddess Danu, others say the Mórrígán, but certainly she is of Divine Feminine lineage. Brighid means Exalted One. She is Goddess of the Forge, of Healers and of Poets. As Patroness of Poets, she opens the doors of inspiration and to communication between the worlds. She is known by many names, including Lady of the Shore, Lady of the Sea, Goddess of the Flame, Fiery Arrow, Brighid of the Mantle. She is the Protectress of Women and Children, especially of women in childbirth.


What does the word Priestess awaken in you? Something mysterious? A yearning: something you can't quite explain, something calling to your soul? It may be calling to you from across many lifetimes, calling you to reconnect and awaken to your Divine Feminine mission now. As surely as the wave meets the shore, this call will pull you back to Her.

Would you like to?

Connect with the Goddess and discover what this means for you in this lifetime //Discover who Brighid is in relation to Mother, Maiden, Crone, and her many other forms //Discover Brighid’s correlation with her counterparts in Ancient Egypt, Essene, Gnostic, Mary Magdalene, Avalon lineages- to name but a few //Learn the difference between Sacred Circle and Temple Space as we work with both //Deepen your connection to ancient Irish traditions

We will work with

Shamanic Pathways //Sacred Frequencies and healing through Sound //Frame Drumming //Sacred Dance //Channelling //Invocation and Devotions //The Language of Light //Sacred Geometry //Healing Techniques //Crystals //Activations & Initiations //Herblore and Sacred Crafting


History, Etymology and Mythology of Brighid // Brighid in Culture and Tradition //Celtic Mystery Traditions //Ritual Work //Brighid's Temple Priestesses //Flame Keeping //Brighid’s Protection and Gifts //Sacred Anointing //Life & Death Rites //Rites for Women, Rites for Men //Ancestral Clearing //Ritual Movement //Breathwork //Crafting of Healing Balms, Sacred Oils, Brighid Crosses - Crosóige Bríde, and more, for use in Ritual and Healing.

Temple Rituals, Sacred Circle & Celtic Wheel of the Year

8 of the 9 Modules cover ritual and celebrations in Irish with English translation, as we journey together through the major Cross Quarter festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the Year and including the Equinox and Solstice Gateways. Each of these modules also cover other subjects, many of which are listed in the Overview.

The Mansions of the Moon

Lunar Priestess practices of the 13 Celtic Moons.

All Modules

This training comprises 9 fully comprehensive Modules in total, supported by easy to follow Audio and Video Tutorials, plus Live Zooms and Recordings, plus In Person Gatherings on the Land and Sacred Crafting- for those who can attend in person.

Temple Priestess

Learn the difference between Circle and Temple Space //Ritual Movement & Chant //Devotions //Anointing //Flame Keeping //Self Practice for Transformation //Group Practice //Holding Space for Self and Others //Womb Rites //Life & Death Rites //On completion of this training you will be awarded Accredited Certification to perform ceremonies such as: Baby Naming, Handfasting, Marriage Celebrant, Death Rites, and other rites of passage we explore throughout the course.

Healing Priestess

//Temple of Brighid Healing Priestess Initiation and Activations, practices and techniques. Classes supported by tutorial audios & videos //Ancient Herblore and Sacred Crafting //On completion of this module and successful submission of 9 Case Studies you will be certified to practice as a Temple of Brighid Healing Priestess ™

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