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Goddess, Queen.//Honouring, Ériu, Fódla and Banba, Ireland's triune sovereignty goddesses. The English name for Ireland comes from the root name Éiriu, while Fodhla and Banba have been used throughout time as lyrical, poetic personifications of Romantic Ireland. //"Banba, Fotla and EireCome to me like the mists of Erin,Guard me with her ancient dream.Enfold me like the veil of Banba.Cover me with kisses,Like her soft, warm rain..."by Mats O Arvendale.//Use this incense for steadfastness when in need of direction or empowerment, for support in times of change and for courage.


//These incense blends are very powerful when burnt on charcoal discs forclearing negative energy and for protection work. They are also perfect as giftsto the sacred Fire in ceremonies, or as land offerings at sacred sites. You can use them as blessings for new houses, graves etc. or any time you wish to invite the magical power of our native plants, trees and herbs to bless and support your work. Herbal Incense: 60ml jar €15.00

Not for ingestion
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