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Brat Bhríde

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Brighid's Mantle

A protective blend to honour Brighid, Goddess of the ancient Tuatha De Danaan.Brighid is one of the foremost Goddesses of the ancient Irish pantheon, so important that with the coming of Christianity she later became one of Ireland's Patron Saints. //Brighid is known by many names including Lady of the Shore, Lady of the Sea, Goddess of the Flame, Brighid of the Mantle.She is the daughter of the great Father God of the Tuatha De Danaan, An Dagda. She is Goddess of the Forge, of Healers and of Poets. As patron of Poets she opens the doors of inspiration, to communication between the worlds. She is the protectress of women and children and especially of women in childbirth.Brighid means Exalted One.//Use this incense to invite her presence, to attract Brighid's healing energy, inspiration, blessings and abundance.


//These incense blends are very powerful when burnt on charcoal discs forclearing negative energy and for protection work. They are also perfect as gifts to the sacred Fire in ceremonies, or as land offerings at sacred sites. You can use them as blessings for new houses, graves etc. or any time you wish to invite the magical power of our native plants, trees and herbs to bless and support your work. Herbal Incense: 60ml jar €15.00

Not for ingestion
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