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Celtic Cleanse

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Celtic Cleanse Cleansing water

Uisce Glanta/Celtic Cleanse was created to invite the joyous energy and beauty of the Irish summer countryside into your aura. It evokes warm evenings when the heady fragrance of honeysuckle hangs on the air at dusk.//Celtic Cleanse is made from water drawn from Ireland’s sacred wells and imbued with the magical energies of sun and moon and infused with Lavender, Vervain, Mugwort, Yarrow, Wild Irish Rose, Rowan and Honeysuckle. I added some orange peel to this subtle scent for some extra citrus zing. It was blest by the height of the summer sun and the energies of a full moon cycle.//Celtic Cleanse sprayed into the air around you, clears your aura when extra cleansing is needed. It can be used to energetically cleanse your home, objects, where you sleep when travelling etc. It is ideal for those for whom smoke cleansing is unsuitable eg. those with chronic lung conditions.

Also contains alcohol as preservative.
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