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Winter Wonder

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Luibheanna Beatha/Herbs of Life

Today many people are immuno-suppressed as a result of our modern day life styles due to the pollution in our air, food and water and the chemicals in our environment. All of these factors impact on our health and our ability to fight infection. Our herbal friends can gently yet powerfully support us to strengthen our immunity and restore well being.. WINTER WONDER TONIC contains a blend of safe, nourishing, anti-viral herbs to fortify the respiratory system, tonify and strengthen the lungs and boost immunity to colds and flu viruses.//Winter Wonder is an alcohol tea tincture with an adult dosage of 3 tsps per day, same dosage for children with glycerine substituted for the alcohol. One bottle should last 3 weeks at the recommended dosages. 100%OrganicCost per 200ml refillable glass bottle €20. I also created a WINTER WONDER ANTI-VIRAL SPRAY Frithvírus, (often bought together) containing Eucalyptus, Lemon and Thyme which can be used as a hand and surface sanitiser.100%Organic50ml refillable glass spray bottle. €8.00

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