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Avalon Reiki


Avalon, also known as the Isle of Apples or Isle of Glass, is a mythical, magical place existing outside of normal time. It is a well- spring of healing, inspiration, inner peace and of wisdom for us in our modern day lives.//Avalon emanates the energies of Merlin, the Lady of the Lake, Excalibur, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and so much more magic and mystery than can be contained in a short description. //If you are drawn to this workshop, it is likely that you have had a soul experience in Avalon, you will feel it like a true home coming to your heart.//One way to reawaken this dormant soul memory is to be attuned to Avalon Reiki and the activation of your Avalon Codes.

Enhanced Workshop

These one day intensive workshops include a Crystalline Sonic Light Code DNA Activation whereby aspects of the soul can be reactivated or reclaimed, in this instance unlocking and downloading the Avalon Codes of remembrance through the use of sacred sound, specifically high vibrational crystalline frequencies.//This workshop also includes Shamanic Drum Journeys. The rhythmic beat of the drum used in the worldwide ancient practice of shamanic journeying creates altered states of consciousness or trance states, whereby the practitioner can access wisdom, guidance and healing.

Avalon Reiki Practitioner/Master

//As an Avalon Reiki Practitioner you will be able to use the energy in much the same way as other Reiki healing systems whereby you flow the energy to yourself or another person through the palms of your hands.//This is also an excellent system for manifestation, helping us to create the life we want by clearing obstacles to our success and happiness. The attunements will also offer greater protection, clarity and the enhancement of your healing skills and psychic ability. Avalon Reiki is a powerful healing system which attunes you to the four energies of:////Excalibur//the Sword of Truth. Excalibur is used to cut through the veil of illusion separating us from our true spiritual selves. It can be used to clear out negative energy, remove negative attachments to objects, people, places, and things and to cut etheric cords between people. It provides protection from negative energy, entities or thought forms//Merlin//The attunement to Merlin‘s alchemical magic enables us to transform lower vibrations to clearer higher dimensions//The Lady of the Lake// This attunement brings calm, peaceful energy to heal and restore//The Holy Grail// The Chalice of Enlightenment attunes and opens the student to the Holy Mysteries.


//4 Powerful Attunements//Shamanic Drum Journeys//Avalon Light Codes & DNA Activation//Sound Bath to aid integration of the higher energies

Course level


You must have completed minimum Level 1 Usui or Tera Mei Reiki to attend this workshop.
If wishing to teach and pass the attunements on after completing this training, please be aware that only Reiki Masters can attune others.
Printed certificate with official School seal on completion. Insurable worldwide. Free postage within Republic of Ireland. Postal charges apply elsewhere.


E Manual and Zoom recording of the workshop if attending Live Online


Deposit 100€


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This course has been accredited by the Complementary Medical Association UK (CMA). The Celtic School of Sound Healing has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by The CMA. This means that I hold full Training School Membership of the Complementary Medical Association. This very prestigious recognition that demonstrates my commitment to the highest standards and my continued dedication in supporting you as student in your learning.

Your Tutor

Carmel Diviney

Carmel Diviney is a Master Sound Therapist and Tutor, Reiki Grand Master, Indigenous Herbalist, Advanced Celtic Shamanic Practitioner & Shamanic Counsellor, Bandraoí and Banfhile, Author and Recording Artist.

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