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Celtic Reiki

Level 1

Welcome to Celtic Reiki Level 1.// Do you have an affinity with trees and the natural world? Would you like to deepen your connection with them, understand their energies and learn how to use their healing energy for the good of others and self? Celtic Reiki combines traditional Reiki Healing protocols and attunements with Ogham, the ancient language of the trees. In this workshop the student will be introduced to the Irish wisdom tradition of Ogham, initiating a journey of discovery through their own connection with the trees. //Celtic Reiki Practitioner certification is delivered in four separate one day workshops. Level 1 works on the physical body. It begins the process of connecting with the healing energy. //As a result of the attunement process, the student's healing energy chanels are opened, stagnant energy and blockages are removed. The student is thus able to receive and transmit healing energy at a higher rate and vibration and will experience a greater sense of well being in their lives. //Students will also learn how to energetically connect with trees and how to perform a powerful Ogham Tree Ritual of Protection.

Level 2

The student receives the attunement to two further sets of symbols for healing and spiritual growth. Level 2 works on the emotional and mental aspects and introduces the 2nd set of attunements.//Discover how you can use this energy not just for health and happiness but to enhance your life through manifestation techniques.//This workshop includes instruction on healing with Crystals and Crystal Grids and how they can be combined with Celtic Reiki to help you to achieve your goals.//In addition you will learn how to create Ogham Fews, mostly used for divination, and will help you to connect more deeply with each of the Ogham Trees.

Level 3

Level 3 works on the spiritual dimension, activating higher frequencies of energy to enable the student to use the energy at its highest vibration. The student is attuned to further sets of symbols that will amplify the healing energy thus far assimilated. This amplification must be introduced at each level in stages, so that the student has time to integrate the higher energy and acclimatise to the changes this vibration brings such as increased intuition, psychic and channelling skills.// You will learn how to make Ogham Tree Essences and Remedies to help support your client between treatments.//The student will also be guided on how to hold Reiki Share group events.//On successful completion of Level 3, the student will receive their printed Celtic Reiki Practitioner certification with official School seal.

Celtic Reiki Master

Being a Celtic Reiki Master is a position of considerable responsibility, not just to your students you teach and to yourself but also to nature and the guides and nature spirits that work with us so meaningfully.//As a Celtic Reiki Master you will be able to teach this way of healing to others and attune new students, individuals or small groups.//If you do not feel the call to teach others, this training can be taken for your own spiritual development whereby you continue to devote yourself to your own spiritual advancement and ascension with the aid of this ancient wisdom.//You must have a solid knowledge of the Ogham and their meanings, energies, uses etc. in order to teach it. This can take several months to years of dedicated practise, but is the most rewarding part of this healing modality. You must be a Master in Ususi or Tera Mei Reiki as prerequisite in order to teach and attune others.

Celtic Reiki Business Module

This Workshop is a one day Live Online Workshop via Zoom for those who wish to formally bring their healing services to others. If you wish to make a career and create income from Celtic Reiki, this is a must. You will receive all the necessary guidance and information to help you to map out your next steps in becoming your own boss.//You must have completed Celtic Reiki Levels 1, 2, 3 and Master Degree with Celtic School of Sound Healing

Level 1

//Introduction to Celtic Reiki//History of Celtic Reiki//The Human Energy System: Meridians, Chakras//The Auric Field//Scanning and BalancingTechniques//Healing protocols for Celtic Reiki////Manual 2 Celtic School of Sound Healing//Introduction to Ogham//Aicmes and Forfeda//The Cauldrons//Grounding//Connecting to Trees//Creating Sacred Space//Saining//Connecting and Disconnecting in Treatments//Healing protocols for Celtic Reiki//Self-healing//Healing Others//Celtic Tree Ritual for Protection//Attunement 1 and Attunement 2//Sound Bath to aid integration of the Higher Energies////

Level 2

//Cauldron Breathing//Level 2 Attunements//Celtic Reiki and Crystal Healing//How to create Crystal Grids//Manifestation Techniques//How to make Ogham Fews//Sound Bath to aid integration of the higher energies

Level 3

//Level 3 Attunements//How to make Ogham Tree Essences//Guide to Nature Walks and Forest Bathing//How to host Celtic Reiki Share group events//Sound Bath to aid integration of the higher energies

Celtic Reiki Master

//You must have completed Master Usui/Tera Mei/Seichim//Master Degree Attunements//Sound Bath to aid integration of the Higher Energies//

Celtic Reiki Business Module

//Continuous Personal Development//In Service//Business set up considerations//How to Create your Business Plan//Rules & Regulations//Taxes//Legal responsibilities//Health and Safety//Ethics//Client Intake Forms, Case Histories//GDPR//Insurance//Marketing//Networking//Advertising

Course level


A printed certificate with official School seal will be posted on successful completion of Level 3, Celtic Reiki Practitioner workshop.


E Manuals 1 and 2

E Workbook containing 21 Day Detox Diary

Video Tutorials

Recording of the Live Online Workshop for permanent access to the teachings

Live Online


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This course has been accredited by the Complementary Medical Association UK (CMA). The Celtic School of Sound Healing has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by The CMA. This means that I hold full Training School Membership of the Complementary Medical Association. This very prestigious recognition that demonstrates my commitment to the highest standards and my continued dedication in supporting you as student in your learning.

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Carmel Diviney is a Master Sound Therapist and Tutor, Reiki Grand Master, Indigenous Herbalist, Advanced Celtic Shamanic Practitioner & Shamanic Counsellor, Bandraoí and Banfhile, Author and Recording Artist.

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