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Gong Master Training & Celtic Tree Magic


The Gong is considered to be the supreme instrument for Sound Therapy and spiritual development. This is a highly specialised workshop with sophisticated techniques for the serious student.//You will learn ancient and modern protocols for your own spiritual development as well as advanced healing techniques to empower you to help others.//Gong Master Training and Celtic Tree Magic is a certified workshop and a component module of the Advanced Diploma Award in Sound Therapy//This workshop can also be taken as a stand-alone workshop. Minimum requirement- foundational knowledge of energy healing eg. Reiki, Yoga etc.

Celtic Ritual & Shamanic Practice

//Opening the Circle through Celtic Shamanic Ritual using Gaeilge with English translation//Connecting to the Celtic Sacred Directions and Elemental Kingdoms//Celtic Invocation of the Three Realms

The Gong

//About the Gong//History of the Gong from Bronze Age to Modern Times//Universal Greeting, as taught by Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux//Star Henge and Peace Garden

Gong Purchase

//Types of Gongs//How to choose a gong//Gong care//Different types of Mallets and flumies//Gong Stands, which ones to buy

Gong Therapy

//Creating Sacred Gong Space//Cleansing, Purification and the importance of Grounding//Connecting to the Sacred Sound Stream//Connecting with the Elements//How to approach the Gong//Resonance and Entrainment//Altered states of Consciousness

One-2-One Treatment Protocols

//Setting up Sacred Space//Purification//Grounding//Connection and Disconnection exercises//Client Intake//Inventory of Caution//Records//Aftercare Advice//Insurance//

Hand Held Gong Playing Techniques

//Playing techniques for One2One healing treatments and Sound Baths.//Chakra Balancing//Clear blockages and stagnant energy//Recharge depleted energy//Protection//How to adapt treatments for physical disability and other special needs

Hung Gong Playing Techniques

//8 Corners of Heaven Gong by Meinyl//90 cm Flower of Life Gong by Meinyl//Water Gong by Tone of Life//Venus Planetary Gong by Paiste//90cm Feng Gong//90cm Sun Gong tuned to Earth Om//92cm Tam Tam/ Chau

The Gong Bath

//Effective techniques for delivering high quality Gong Baths//Holding Space and Inner Work//Gong Puja Ceremony – group work//Gong Yoga//Tratakam

Ogham and Celtic Tree Magic

//Introduction to Ogham//Celtic Tree Rituals//How to create Ogham Fews//How to create Tree Essences for health and well-being

Working on the Land

//A 3rd day of gong work (optional) is added for those who can attend. Being on the land allows us to integrate the learning from the Workshop within our being and to physically connect to the energies of the ancient land of Ireland itself. Date to be agreed by the class.//Connect with the trees and visit one of Ireland’s ancient sites to connect with the land energies as weather allows//Dowse the land//Gong together In Nature//Healing the Land//Outdoor Gong Healing circle at energetic power spot/sacred site//Celtic Blessing/Consecration ceremony for you and your Gong at one of Ireland’s ancient sacred sites

Bonus Material

//As a Bonus to this workshop you can choose to receive the first attunement to Celtic Reiki (optional). This is included in the cost of the workshop.The difference between Usui Reiki and Celtic Reiki, is that the energy of Celtic Reiki is channeled up from the earth instead of from cosmic source.The attunement serves to unblock energy channels in the student so that their capacity to receive and transmit healing energy is enhanced. Celtic Reiki will also deepen and expand your connection with the natural world, particularly the wisdom of the trees.

Course level


Foundational knowledge of energy healing eg. Reiki, Yoga etc.
eCertification awarded on successful completion of Workbook and 9 Case Studies, 6 months to complete. Printed certificate on quality paper with gold foil border and gold official School seal awarded on successful completion of all levels to Advanced Diploma in Sound Therapy Award. Insurable worldwide. Free postage Republic of Ireland. Postal charges apply elsewhere


e-Manual and e-Workbook

3 Audios

10 Video Tutorials

Membership of private FB Support Group

Separate e-Manual for Celtic Reiki

Live In Person

Live Online

Deposit 100€


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This course has been accredited by the Complementary Medical Association UK (CMA). The Celtic School of Sound Healing has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by The CMA. This means that I hold full Training School Membership of the Complementary Medical Association. This very prestigious recognition that demonstrates my commitment to the highest standards and my continued dedication in supporting you as student in your learning.

Your Tutor

Carmel Diviney

Carmel Diviney is a Master Sound Therapist and Tutor, Reiki Grand Master, Indigenous Herbalist, Advanced Celtic Shamanic Practitioner & Shamanic Counsellor, Bandraoí and Banfhile, Author and Recording Artist.

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