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Primary Studies in Sound Therapy


This Workshop is for those who have completed the Foundation Course as prerequisite. It is part of the course work requirement for Advanced Sound Therapy Practitioner Certification Levels 1-3//Level 1 will enable you to use the additional skills you acquire on family and friends and to enhance any already established holistic therapies you may practice, such as Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Massage, Yoga etc.

Introduction to Energy Healing

//What is Sound Healing? Where did it Originate?//Egyptian Crystal Sound Healing Table//Ancient Music of Ireland//The Sacred Sound Stream//Development of Sound Healing in Modern Times//The Sounds of Space

Celtic Rituals & The Seven Directions

//Creating the Sidhe & Casting the Circle//Guided shamanic journey to connect with your Totem/Spirit Animal/Allies

Voice Module

//The Power of the Human Voice for Healing//Bija Mantras and the Seed Sounds of Wisdom//Toning the Chakras- Further exercises with the Sounds of Power//Six Chinese Healing Sounds//Celtic Invocation of the Three Realms//Celtic Fonnsheen//Fuaimeanna Annála / Gaelic Breath Sounds//The Three Illuminations//Your Personal Power Song//The Seven Sounds of Love//Shruti Singing//Overtone Singing

The Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies

//The Solfeggio Frequencies and the Sacred Geometry of Sound//Cymatics//Pregnancy//Sacred Solfeggio Chakra Balancing Meditation

Himalayan Bowl Tratments

//Harmony and Dissonance//Binaural Beats//Two bowl healing protocols//Open and Closed Circuits//Full body clearing and balancing treatment techniques

Course level

Level 1

eCertification awarded on successful completion of eWorkbook and 9 Case Studies. Printed certificate on quality paper with gold foil border and official School seal will be issued on completion of all levels of the Advanced Sound Therapy Practitioner course.. Free postage Republic of Ireland. Postal charges apply elsewhere. Insurable worldwide.


e-Manual and e-Workbook

3 Audios

11 Video Tutorials

Membership of private FB Support Group

Live In Person

Live Online

Deposit 100€

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This course has been accredited by the Complementary Medical Association UK (CMA). The Celtic School of Sound Healing has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by The CMA. This means that I hold full Training School Membership of the Complementary Medical Association. This very prestigious recognition that demonstrates my commitment to the highest standards and my continued dedication in supporting you as student in your learning.

Your Tutor

Carmel Diviney

Carmel Diviney is a Master Sound Therapist and Tutor, Reiki Grand Master, Indigenous Herbalist, Advanced Celtic Shamanic Practitioner & Shamanic Counsellor, Bandraoí and Banfhile, Author and Recording Artist.

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