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Sound Therapy & Energy Healing for Animals

Mini Course

//Home Study Online course with Udemy. //Would you like to learn some simple techniques to support your pets and animal friends' well-being using Sound Therapy?//Would you like to learn how to give effective Energy Healing treatments to your pets and animal friends, even if you are not attuned to a healing system such as Reiki?//This course combines the two and could be just what you are looking for!//Everyone possesses a natural ability to heal. Sometimes all it takes is guidance on how to access and unlock this innate resource. In this Course, I have laid out some easy-to-follow steps enabling you to do just that.//Those who have an interest in Sound Therapy will find some great techniques to help their animal friends here. Animals benefit from Sound Therapy in much the same way as humans do.//Whether you are a beginner or someone who already has some experience in holistic therapies, you will enjoy the colourful presentation, over an hour of tutorial videos, and, as a bonus, one of my MP3 studio quality audio tracks which you can use as background music for your healing treatments. It contains the resonant sounds of Singing Bowls, Solfeggio Frequencies and Crystalline Chimes. Encoded within it are healing intentions and specific frequencies designed to bring relaxation and peace in order to optimise and enhance the effects of the healing treatments for your pets and animal friends. You will need one medium Himalayan Singing Bowl approximately 6" in diameter Suggested but not essential, one set of Whole Body Tuners, Tuning Forks C and G/the Perfect Fifth


//Part One: IntroductionVideo: IntroductionSafetyDisclaimerAudio: studio recorded MP3 track, 28 mins of Healing Sounds - Singing Bowls, Solfeggio Frequencies and Crystalline Chimes//Part Two: Energy Healing for AnimalsWhere Do You Start?How Energy Healing WorksBalanceMajor & Minor ChakrasEnergy healingConsiderations when Working with AnimalsHuman and Animal ChakrasLocation and Function of Animal ChakrasGrounding and Flowing Earth and Cosmic/Source EnergyHealing Heart IntentionConnecting and Disconnection ExercisesActivating the Palm ChakrasVideo: Animal Energy Healing - Grounding, Flowing Energy and Connection ExerciseHands On Healing TechniquesDistant Healing TechniquesVideo: Technique for Hands On Chakra Energy Treatment//Part Three: Sound Therapy for AnimalsHealing Tools and How To Select ThemHimalayan Singing BowlsWands and MalletsVideo: How to Select Sound Therapy ToolsHow to Play Singing BowlsSound Therapy TreatmentsInventory of CautionPre-Therapy & Post-Therapy Information for the Pet OwnerIntroducing Pets to Healing SoundsAura CleanseVideo: Technique for Aura CleanseOne Bowl Chakra Healing TechniqueVideo: Technique for Chakra HealingMulti Bowl Layout TechniquesVideo: Technique for Multi Bowl LayoutsTuning ForksVideo: Technique for Whole Body Tuning and The Perfect Fifth//Part Four: Dealing with Anxiety and GriefAdvice on Self Care when dealing with Anxiety and GriefGrief Counselling//Part Five: ConclusionVideo: Thank You//Part Six: ResourcesPDF Manual of the written course content for your convenience and referralCopyright Notice

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