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Temple of Brighid Priestess & Bandraoí Training

Temple of Brighid Priestess Training

In Irish Mythology, Brighid is the daughter of An Dagda, the great Father God of the Tuatha De Danaan and the Goddess Boann of the sacred River Boyne. Some say she is daughter of the Goddess Danu, others say the Mórrígán, but certainly she is of Divine Feminine lineage. Brighid means Exalted One. She is Goddess of the Forge, of Healers and of Poets. As Patroness of Poets, she opens the doors of inspiration and to communication between the worlds. She is known by many names, including Lady of the Shore, Lady of the Sea, Goddess of the Flame, Fiery Arrow, Brighid of the Mantle. She is the Protectress of Women and Children, especially of women in childbirth. No other western Goddess has demonstrated such enduring veneration as Brighid. She embodies An Spiorad Naomh, the Divine Feminine and the all encompassing emanation of the Divine Mother. From ancient times to her later adoption as Saint, she is venerated all over the world. //If you are interested in this training please hit the Order Now button for further details.


What does the word Priestess awaken in you? Something mysterious? A yearning: something you can't quite explain, something calling to your soul? It may be calling to you from across many lifetimes, calling you to reconnect and awaken to your Divine Feminine mission now. As surely as the wave meets the shore, this call will pull you back to Her.


//Bandraoí Training - Advanced //Woman of Magic/Druid Priestess Available as a separate Year 2 follow-on course in Celtic Magic & Mystery Traditions. Bandraoí means Woman of Magic. An Bandraoí works in dedicated Divine Service to Others, through Love. She holds the ancient Wisdom of her Celtic lineage, the Celtic Codes, and is deeply connected with the forces of Nature, Earth and the Stars. This Course is for those who are more experienced and have completed the Temple of Brighid Priestess Training as prerequisite. Acceptance on this course is not guaranteed. Students must have attained a certain level of proficiency and spiritual development to satisfy entry requirements. This will be assessed individually.// Includes: //Further Ancestral Clearing //More in depth work with the Ogham //Deepening into Celtic Magical & Wisdom Traditions //Curse Unravelling /And More //2024 Course Cost: €555.00

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